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Fernando Torre, PhD
Computer Scientist, UI Developer, Teacher, Language Learner, Nerd, Amateur Triathlete, Father

If you want to understand how I think, it helps to look at my Myers-Briggs personality profile. Depending on the context, I alternate between INTP (my natural tendency) and ENTP.

I (Introverted) or E (Extroverted)

I am usually reflective and get energy from dealing with ideas and concepts. But I often also get energy from spending time with others.

N (Intuitive)

I focus on ideas and the big picture.

T (Thinking)

I look to logic first when making decisions.

P (Perceiving)

I stay open to new information and options.

INTPs are sometimes referred to as Thinkers or Architects. Some highlights about INTPs that I strongly identify with:

  • fascinated by logical analysis, systems, and design
  • detached, analytical observers
  • more likely than other types to study a foreign language
  • personal values include autonomy, freedom, and independence
  • popular leisure activities include reading, strategy games such as chess, working with computers, and hiking