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Fernando Torre, PhD
Computer Scientist, UI Developer, Teacher, Language Learner, Nerd, Amateur Triathlete, Father

We studied how users applied and used tags in the Cyclopath system, given that tags were shared by the community and could be used to specify routing preferences (e.g. avoid roads with the hill tag).

Skills used: UI Evaluation, Data and Content Analysis

In this short paper, I extended an algorithm that matches GPS traces to roads on a map in order to detect missing roads. The idea is to suggest roads for users to add to the system based on their bike rides.

Skills used: Algorithms

We created an experimental version of the Cyclopath bike map for Dalian, China and interviewed 40 local cyclists. In this short paper, I wrote about our experiences and findings.

Skills used: User Studies, Usability, Localization (l10n), Internationalization (i18n)

As part of my Ph.D. Thesis, I added to the previous work by conducting experiments on both mobile and web to explore how to encourage users to add route landmark information.

Skills used: Android development, User Studies, Experiment Design