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Fernando Torre, PhD
Computer Scientist, UI Developer, Teacher, Language Learner, Nerd, Amateur Triathlete, Father

One of my favorite personality assessment tools is CliftonStrengths, which focuses on identifying core strengths, with the idea that one can perform better and be more satisfied when one is able to use and capitalize on their top strengths.

I have actually taken this test twice. The first time was when I was a graduate student. At the time my focus on learning influenced my strengths, which mostly lay in the strategic thinking domain. Learner, Analytical, Focus, and Ideation were very much intertwined with my academic focus.

After years in the workforce, however, my strengths have shifted. Although my strategic thinking skills are still strong for me, my focus has shifted strongly towards the relationship building domain:


I am generally enthusiastic and upbeat, generous with praise and celebrating achievements, and stimulated by people from different backgrounds.


I am inspired by the future and what it could be. I can help others envision future opportunities and possibilities.


I enjoy getting to know others on a deeper level and working together to achieve goals. I find a lot of value in mentoring others.


I recognize and cultivate the potential in others. I am drawn to see those around me grow and develop.


I trust my inner compass to guide my decisions and manage my life. Confidence in my strengths and abilities often leads me to seek challenges and to test my mental endurance and agility.

In short, I love working with both ideas and people. This is why tasks such as teaching, mentoring, and managing people come naturally to me. I tend to see the best in others and in myself.