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Fernando Torre, PhD
Computer Scientist, UI Developer, Teacher, Language Learner, Nerd, Amateur Triathlete, Father

Some of the organizations I have been most involved with:


(2008 - 2018) JSC (Japanese Student Connections)

I was a core member of this group, which supports Japanese students in the Twin Cities area by providing free monthly dinners, help adjusting to life in Minnesota, and other services such as airport pickup and grocery rides.


(2011 - 2013) ACEP (Cultural Association of Puerto Rican Students), University of Minnesota

Helped organize cultural events promoting Puerto Rican culture.


(2010 - 2012) Go Club, University of Minnesota

Organized meetings, tournaments, and teaching nights for players of the game of Go.


(Summers 2008, 2009, and 2011) Saint Paul Intercultural Institute

Hosted three Japanese students for three weeks each.


(2009) JSA (Japan Student Association), University of Minnesota

Assisted during cultural events.


(2007 - 2009) HCC (Hospitality Center for Chinese), University of Minnesota

Service group for Chinese students, providing furniture, airport pickup, and hosting.

Board Member

(2006) JCP (Student Christian Organization), University of Puerto Rico

Helped organize and lead multiple events and had opportunities to practice public speaking skills.

Sales Manager

(2005 - 2006) IEEE Computer Society, University of Puerto Rico

In charge of gathering necessary materials for fundraising events.


(2004 – 2005) ACI (Intercollegiate Christian Organization), Puerto Rico

Helped organize island-wide events.


(2001 – 2002) Solar Car Team, CROEM, Puerto Rico

Worked on building our high school’s solar car.